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About SAKS

About the Student Union

The Sahlgrenska Academy's Student Union is a democratically structured organization, where everyhing is driven by union members. As a union member, you have the right to participate and choose a Council, which in turn elects elected representatives to the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees and our councils and committee.

The board of the Union (KåS) is SAKS highest executive body and leads SAKS joint activities. KåS are responsible for implementing the business plan that the council decides, and are responsible for our staff. The members of KåS have different areas of responsibility, but work together to improve

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The union house board takes care of the union house Hvilla Medici, and sees to it that the villa is in perfect condition. The union house board makes strategic decisions and develops guidelines for the best use of the Villa. If you want to participatein developing and take care of our beautiful union house, this is where you should go! Just as KåS run what the presidium is working on, the union house board runs the curators in their daily work of taking care of the house.

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Hvilla Medici

SAKS is a democratically structured organization where all power emanates from you as a union member. As a student union member you have the right to participate in the election of our council each year in spring. The council in turn elects who are elected representatives in the Board, Board of the Students house, and our councils and committees.

The Council
The council is SAKS highest decision-making body, and decides what each union body can and shall do, about budgets and strategic alignments. Every member of the student union has the right to send in motions to, and participate in, the meetings of the council. It might sound dry and formal, but it is in the council everything begins! The commissioners of the council have full insight into all of SAKS activities and have a very big opportunity to have an impact. The goal as a member of the council is to draw up the guidelines to enable a student union to take care of the interests of the members.

The council commissioners are chosen by an election each spring. All members can campaign and have voting rights. The council has room for 25 commissioners, of which one is tied to each program or educational area and the rest are divided on personal mandates. The council meetings are led by a speaker and a speakers suppleant, chosen by the council. You can read more about the council in the unions control document

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The union is built on democratic values and all union members hold the right to vote in the general election to the union council. The incumbent union council elects all other positions within the union, including the union board, the union house board, educational councils and committees, for the next business year. These elections are prepared by the union election council.

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The inspector is an elected representative with a good overview of the operations of the union and that can offer help and advice in larger decisions and issues. The commitment is one of great trust and reliance, and so far no one has been an inspector for less than thirteen years. Since 2013 Peter Friberg, professor in clinical physiology, is the inspector of SAKS.

Previous inspectors: Bo Erik Ingelmark, professor of anatomy, inspector 1949-1966 (for MFG)
Petter Karlberg, professor of pediatrics, inspector 1966-1985 (for MFG)
Mattias Aurell, professor of kidney medicine, inspector 1985-1999 (for MFG)
Björn Rydevik, professor of orthopedics, inspector 1999-2013 (up to 2010 for MFG, thereafter for SAKS)

Student Union History
Sahlgrenska akademins studentkår was founded in 2010 as a merger of three student unions: Hälsovetenskapliga studentkåren at Göteborg University (HVS) , Medicinska föreningen i Göteborg (MGF) and Odontologiska föreningen i Göteborg (OF). Hälsovetenskapliga studentkåren was founded in the 90s and gathered all the health science educational branches. HVS was mainly operating on Hälsovetarbacken. Their office is currently used as an office and meeting room for SAKS.

The Medical Association was at its beginnings the student union for the medical students but along the way incorporated logopedic- and pharmaceutical students as well. MFG was founded in 1949 and got a villa donated in the 1950s by Mrs Cyssie Mammar. This villa was sold in 1974 and instead the larger Hvilla Medici was purchased. Hvilla Medici was acquired by SAKS in the merger. MFG:s corps still live on today as a part of SAKS.

SAKS continuously works to preserve the best from the three founding unions and to see to it that all students, regardless of educational branch, shall have the same amount of influence in the work of the student union.

Here you will find all of the current Student Union documents.


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