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Picture announcing the election and depicting the time period for the election

SAKS kårval 2021!

Amanda Ockell

I have been active as a board member in Sex Elegans as well as in Cerebellum. Therefore I think I could contribute to FUM in a good way.


Axel Andersson

I was in the SAKS parliament 2019-2020, when I was still a medical student. I applied initially because my friends on the union board asked me to, but I quickly found it to be both stimulating and meaningful to be able to participate in and contribute to the important issues that the parliament and the student union are working with. I felt that I "payed back" what I owed the student union after several years as a medical student. Since then I've graduated, and I am currently a PhD-student at Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy. I want to once again lend the student union my perspective, commitment and time, and I sincerely hope that you'll trust me in doing so. Thank you.


Edvin Helleryd

I have a long experience within the Student Union, starting out in the study social sphere then going into the role as vice president with responsibility for study social activities. I've also been part of the board as a member. I'm currently the auditor of the union (revisor). One of my main interests in the union is in its' ruling documents and the organization.


Karl Kilbo Edlund

I want to continue to be involved in developing SAKS's organisation, to strengthen the student influence and make sure all students feel the possibility to get involved in the student union. It is important to me that the union is visible for all students, that all union members feel included in the union's internal work and that the knowledge that we develop within the union is retained and passed on in a good way.


Klara Romare

After having been involved in the union since term one, it would be fun to participate in the supreme decision-making body and make SAKS even better!


Kristina Guix Erhardsson

I would like to nominate myself to FUM as I have been an active participant in SAKS as of the fall term of 2016 and wish to stay involved in the union. During the upcoming year I look forward to collaborating with other union muppets and wholly support SAKS work. Experiences I bring with me to FUM are my positions as elected representative (the presidium, the union board, SiF and Connexus Tuba) and time as active union member on different levels, representing classmates and other students at Sahlgrenska Academy (LoudUR, IRIS, Educational committee for audiology and logopaedics). Next year I consider especially important for all students as we hopefully have lively business again with students in Hvillan and have Covid-19 behind us - and I want to be a part of that!


Lava Mohammed

I want to be a contributing factor to the democracy of the school.