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Support & Help

Support & Help

If you have run into issues regarding your education or your study situation the union is here and wants to help you. If we can’t help you ourselves, we try to refer you to the delegates, the student counselor or the person we think can help you the best.

Have you been discriminated against or sexually harassed? In that case you can turn to 'An easy way in' There are drop-in time slots available each week, where one of GUS´s student- and doctorate delegates are present at Medicinareberget. You can contact the delegate at:

Contact the delegates

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If you as a student or a doctoral student have run into problems in your education, you are welcome to contact the ombudsmen. The students' ombudsmen have as their mission three main tasks.

  • Helping students and doctoral students that have run into issues in their education
  • Investigating issues that have high relevance for students
  • Support for students that are facing the Disciplinary board at Gothenburg University.

The ombudsmen also assist the student unions in researching what is applicable regarding the laws, rules and regulations that guide the university’s work. As opposed to the student unions, the ombudsmen do not operate on a political level but are there only as support for the students.

The ombudsmen are available for all students at Gothenburg university and do their best to help you or guide you to where you can find help. The ombudsmen can be contacted at or personally through the contact information found on this link

Email the ombudsmen

Contact the ombudsmen

If you are in need of medical care for study related issues, physical or psychological, or have been afflicted with mental health issues related to your studies, you can turn to Student Welfare. Being a student is fun, but can also be very testing which means it’s common that students at some point during their studies need to get help from Student Welfare Studen Welfare is offered through the university

More information

The Students portal is your primary source of all study-related information from the academy and the university. It’s good to have as a habit to stay updated on the latest information from the students portal. In the News-section you can for example see the latest information from the principal and Sahlgrenska academy also have their own site at the Students portal for local information.

Academy news

Here you find everything from tips on a good study environment to practical information in case of emergency. You also find links to for example Canvas, Ladok, and TimeEdit

As a student at GU you also have access to a multitude of softwares. These and lots more you can access from services and tools.

Services and tools

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