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  • Sahlgrenska academy Student Union
    Security, community and benefits
  • Sahlgrenska academy
    Student Union
    Security, community and
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Sahlgrenska academy Student Union

The Sahlgrenska Academy Student Union (SAKS), is the student union for everyone who studies at Sahlgrenska Academy by Gothenburg University. SAKS is run by students, for students. Our mission is to improve your time at the university by monitoring your education and arranging social activities that you can take part in. We are here to make your time studying the best possible! You can always turn to the union for big or small things.

Become a member!

As a member you support our work to improve the education at Sahlgrenska academy while getting access to a richer student life!

Get involved!

By getting involved in the union we can guarantee that you will have a better time (and more fun) at university! Look under the Student life tab to see what suits YOU!

Influence your education!

Our most important mission is educational monitoring; meaning you can evolve and improve your education. Go to the educational monitoring tab to read more about what YOU can do.

Hvilla Medici

This is our union house, located at Högåsplatsen 6. Here you will find a pub, sauna, meeting rooms, a commercial kitchen, ballroom and more. This is where it happens, and as a member you can be part of all the fun!


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Hvilla Medici

Hvilla Medici, or simply the Hvilla, is the house of The Sahlgrenska academy Student Union. In1974 it was purchased by the Medical society of Gothenburg as the original Villa Medici, donated by Mrs Cyssie Hammar in 1954, and became too small for the growing student union. In 2010 when the unions merged the house was passed on to SAKS.

On the top floor of the house, the seventh heaven, lives three curators. Along with the Kårhusstyrelse they care for the house. Today Hvillan is used daily for everything from meetings to rehearsals and parties. The house can also be rented when not in use, for information on this contact one of the curators.