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Student Life

Student Life

Life as a student isn’t all books and exams! In SAKS there are plenty of fun activities that make the time you spend as a student easier and more enjoyable!

Being a student isn't just studying! The student union works hard for opportunities to discover friendships, entertainment and added value during your time at Medicinareberget and in Gothenberg. We think that students that socialize are better students!

Sahlgrenska acadamy's student union has 11 committess, 3 project groups and 4 corps which organise all types of activities for every type of student. Everything from CV-evenings, photography meetings, musical training and football tournaments to cake baking, marshall assignments, PR opportunities, film evenings, pubs and even climate and research lectures? You'll find information below about all of the committees and corps - most of which are on Facebook and Instagram.

SAKS are here to give you the best start possible to your studies! 'Kick-off' is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new peers, new friends from other programs, mentors and people from terms above your own - all that can give you valuable tips and advice for your further studies! During the initiation you can also find activities to get involved with, which can bring your study time up a few notches in terms of fun.

The initiation is arranged by six different committees that each have responsibility for a program, and IntrU who are tasked with coordinating and supporting the initiation and all the work behind it.

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The student union committees are the best way to get to know other students. As a union member, you are always welcome to participate in the events the committees arrange.


A corps is an independent association in close collaboration with the union. By Sahlgrenska academy Student Union there are four corps

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Labor market fair - ALARM
Each year, a project group under SAKS arranges a labor market fair for students at Sahlgrenska academy. It’s divided into three sections, Medical care, Pharmacy, and Odontology. The fair works as a platform, where you get the opportunity to make connections in the sector and meet potential future employers and colleagues. A number of different companies are present at the fair, and the students are given the unique opportunity to talk to these companies in private and ask questions. It is at this fair that the majority of the students of Sahlgrenska academy receive their first summer jobs in their profession.

More info about ALARM

Spring Ball Committee
Each spring SAKS arrange a Spring Ball where you have a chance to put on your best festive attire, eat great food, and dance all night. This ball is arranged by the spring ball committee, who are appointed in the fall and plan everything to the smallest detail. The Spring Ball is visited by old as well as new students, and members of the senior college. At Spring Ball, a number of medals are given for contributions in the union and there are speeches and farces. The complete recipe for a magical night!

Hvilla Medici, or simply the Hvilla, is the house of The Sahlgrenska academy Student Union. In 1974 it was purchased by the Medical society of Gothenburg as the original Villa Medici, donated by Mrs Cyssie Hammar in 1954, and became too small for the growing student union. In 2010 when the unions merged the house was passed on to SAKS. Today, the Hvilla is used on a daily basis for everything from meetings to rehearsals and parties. The villa is also rented when not in use, contact the curators for more information.

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Orbi is an app that we use to sell tickets to the union, corps or committee events. Download the app and register to participate in the fun!

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