Do you want to be a part of the introduction 2019?

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Who are Cerebellum? We are the pharmacy students introduction committee whose task is to take care of you, especially during your first weeks, but of course for the rest of your education too! Participating during the introduction is a way to meet new friends, both among those you will study with, but also with students from other years. We have worked hard to have at least one activity together with the other introduction committees and their new students. So you will not only get to know people who are studying the same thing as you! We will help you to get to know Gothenburg as a city as well as our wonderful Hvilla Medici. The introduction will not involve any form of coercion or heat. It exists for you to get to know each other in fun and easy-going conditions. During the first few weeks we will, in the Cerebellum together with sponsors, organize several activities after school hours. Our focus will be on getting to know each other and to get an insight into what student life at the University of Gothenburg has to offer. If you want a really good start to your education and incredibly fun before the seriousness starts, we think you should take the chance to participate during the introduction! We look forward to making the introduction to the pharmacy program better than ever! Green hugs Cerebellum