Students in Research (SiF)


Students in Research (SiF) originally was a non-profit organization that has since joined the student union for Sahlgrenska Academy (SAKS). SiF’s goals are to motivate and engage students in research, as well as serve as a bridge between students, supervisors, and research opportunities. We strive to work with all programs at Sahlgrenska Academy, and envision a future where more students develop an interest for, and actively engage in, research. We believe that students can benefit from early, integrated research experiences regardless of their future profession, and that research itself can benefit from the students’ creative perspectives and fresh enthusiasm.

We organize various research activities throughout the year which are intended to both give insight into the local research community, and facilitate scientific communication among peers. SiF organizes lunch lectures where we host researchers from both GU as well as outside the university, walking tours for students at different labs, and research seminars where students have the chance to present their own research. The research interest among students is currently high and continues to increase, which is why we are continuously trying to find interested researchers to supervise students. Researchers are encouraged to participate in our database of supervisors.

Look for our posters around campus and follow us on Facebook to see what activities we have going on!

You can reach us by e-mail:
Facebook: SiF Studenter i Forskning
Discussion group for researchers and research-interested: SiF forskare & vänner

Research is development!

The Board for Students in Research (SiF)

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Last update: 10 sept 2019