Union history

The Sahlgrenska Academy’s Student Union was formed in 2010 as a merger of three student unions: Hälsovetenskapliga studentkåren (HVS, The Student Union of Health Sciences), Medicinska föreningen (MFG, the Medical Association) and Odontologiska föreningen (OF, the Odontological Association).

HVS was formed in the 90’s and gathered all students at the health science programs. HVS had its activities primarily at Hälsovetarbacken. Their offices are now used as offices and meeting rooms for SAKS.

MFG was initially the student union for the medical students but later on also incorporated the speech therapy and pharmacy students. MFG was founded in 1949 and already in the 1950’s received a villa donated by Cyssie Hammar. This was sold in 1974 and instead the current Villa Medici was bought, which SAKS took over at the merger. The traditional corps of MFG live on at SAKS.

OF represented the dentistry, dental hygienist and dental technician students. In addition to the office at the Odontologist, the business was conducted at Munhålan (the Oral Cavity). In conjunction with the merger, Munhålan was sold to Gothenburg’s dental association and is today run by Munhålan’s student association, which also took over OF’s associations.

Since the merger, SAKS is constantly working to preserve the best of the three associations and to ensure that all students at the Sahlgrenska Academy, regardless of program, are equally involved in the student union’s activities.