The International Committee (Intet)

Welcome all international students! For exchange students and international master’s students at Sahlgrenska Academy, we organize different activities in and around the city. The activities give you the opportunity to get to know the city, some Swedish traditions, and your fellow students; or simply to have a good time. For every exchange student, we have a student-buddy also studying at the Sahlgrenska Academy, you can contact him or her if you have any questions on how to get along in Gothenburg. For all of the activities, we will send you an e-mail with details on what, when, and where we will be doing something. For pictures, follow us on Instagram @intetsaks!
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If you want to join us in any activity or if you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at

You can also find us at Facebook: Intet
Instagram: intetsaks

Chair: Adam Borg

Vice-chair: Anton Bülow

Treasurer: Isaac R. Thiria


Social media: Aayushi Rajurkar 

Members on the board:
Aya Arnouk
Jasmin Merdanova
Bruno Moita
Zahraa Nadji

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