Sahlgrenska academy Students for Sustainability (SASS)

Sahlgrenska Academy Students for Sustainability (SASS) is the part of SAKS working towards a more sustainable outlook on health and the environment. We are first and foremost at Sahlgrenska Akademin, but also working closely with other student groups at GU and Chalmers. Through our projects, lectures and events we want to promote and spread knowledge on climate- and environmental related topics. Our vision is to become a robust and lively part of the student union, that engages students at Sahlgrenska and all over Gothenburg. If this sound interesting to you, feel free to come and join our projects and activities in our quest to positively affect the climate!
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Board 20/21:

Chair: Emily Atkins
Vice Chair: Marthe Fagersand
Secretary: Claudia Andersson
Treasurer: Patricia Ernst
Communications: Varsha Nurani Rajagopalan and Priscila Tremonte
Other members of the board: Dennis Amadi, Nastaran Sohrabi, Eva Groten, Jess Haynie-Lavelle.