Who are we?

Sex Elegans is the commitee, which organize pubs and parties at Hvilla Medici. You will find  the students in ”Dr Kock” in the kitchen, cooking some lovely and inexpensive food. ”Pubis” are the ones who are in charge of the pub, and will be serving you our fantastic drinks. 

Our goals is to create a fantastic atmosphere for all students, where you can take a break from all things school related

Besides this we arrange a couple of bigger events every year. We collab with other unions in Gothenburg, to create a fun day with games and end the day with a big party. In May every day we arrange for a our biggest pub, which is held at campus. 

All students who are members of SAKS or any other union in Gothenburg are welcome to attend our events! Welcome!

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How do I apply?

We accept new people every term. Keep an eye on our social media pages to know when to!

Contact us

Mail: sexelegans@saks.gu.se

Facebook: Sex Elegans

Instagram: @sexelegans