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Medicinska Spexarcorpsen

Every year the spex stage a performance out of the ordinary. If you like to sew, do make up, sing or play an instrument, then the spex is something for you!

Since 1954  the Spexarcorps has staged a spex* almost every year, by and for students in the medical field from Gothemburg. The festivities that follow the shows are known as the most student-like our city has to offer.


Would you like to know more about what you can do in the spex, or have you already decided that you want to join? Send us a message to the email listed to the right, and we'll be in conact with you soon! 


*spex is a word for a satirical and humorous theatre performance, often also involving music and singing, that is commonly associated with university student organizations.

Our Sections

The Sowers

The section that sows and constructs all of the stage clothes.

The Light

The section that is responsible for the lighting of the production..


The section that builds and paints props and backdrops. They are also responsible for scene changes during the show.


The section that makes sure we don´t have to eat on an empty stomach (they are in charge of the alcohol).

The Make Up

The section in charge of the actors' hair and make up.


The section that cooks all of the food for our parties and events.


* A pun, means both sloths and stagewalkers. These are our actors. There is a special application process for this role.

Stage singers

These are background dancers and singers.

The Orchestra

Those who play the music. There is a special application process, but if you play an instrument which we are in need of you've basically already got the spot.


The "on call jesters". They are responsible for the Spex's gyckel (small performances) during external events. They plan the performances and recruit people to perform them.

The Authors

They write the script and song lyrics. There is a special application process for this role.

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